Space Into Place

  What is the difference between “space” and “place”? A space is a neutral environment. Place, however, is a space charged with meaning.1 In their article “Soundscape conservation,” Dumyahn et al. define a “sense of place” as a “collection of symbols, values, feelings and meanings ascribed to a specific place.”2 We often come to identify with the visual landscape … Continue reading Space Into Place


Modes of Listening

As we’ve discovered in the last post on the World Soundscape Project, Murray Schafer and his colleagues promoted the attitude in which we treat our sonic environments, including natural soundscapes, as musical compositions inherently worthy of value and aesthetic appreciation.1 With this in mind, how does perceiving the soundscape as a musical composition affect the way … Continue reading Modes of Listening

Changing Roles

Just as performance spaces become blurred in greenworks, the conventional roles of composer, performer, and audience member are also questioned. On a conceptual level, greenworks encapsulate a move from an emphasis on hierarchical levels of organization to a network of reciprocal relationships – much like the cyclical energy flows of any ecosystem. In the Western … Continue reading Changing Roles

Familiar and Foreign

While soundscape compositions and sonifications utilize “real-world sounds” as the primary material for their work, these sounds often come from environments that are not familiar to listeners. Most listeners haven’t ventured into the rain forests of Costa Rica (La Selva, Francisco López) or come face-to-face with the tumbling glaciers of north Arctic seas (Heated, Jana … Continue reading Familiar and Foreign

Performance Space

The transformation of space into place. The discovery of music in all sounds. The desire to reconnect with the surrounding environment. The breakdown of traditional Western classical conventions, from composer-performer-audience roles to the use of unconventional instruments. These characteristics of soundscape compositions and other greenworks force the listener to reevaluate their expectations, shift their perspective, … Continue reading Performance Space

Science and Art

The work of both soundscape ecologists and greenworks composers speaks to the state of the soundscape as a reflection of the biological and ecological health of natural environments, and how an improved connection and increased awareness for humans towards their sonic environment is key to preserving the health and vitality of soundscapes. As two disciplines that can … Continue reading Science and Art